Holy Crap! My Crap's On TV!

Have you been watching a show on TV and seen something you own? That moment of shock hits you then all of a sudden it washes over you - "I have that! That's my crap! OMG! No one will ever believe this!"

Well, back up that DVR, hit pause, and snap a pic because now you can showcase your proof!
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This is my Hoarders (Kathleen and Scott) Cobra 142 GTL CB homebase radio! Yes, it was peaked and tweaked, and yeah, I glued rhinestones to the knobs,  I did a little paint job on it. It was the 80’s! I had a black light, and this sucker glowed! Not shown is my lollipop mic because, well, it wasn’t in the episode. This guy seems to have done a bit of modifying on his rig as well. Wonder what Scott’s handle was? 

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